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Nikesh's India connect a positive for India business: Palo Alto Networks India MD Anil Bhasin

The company will look to leverage Nikesh Arora's understanding of the India region and works on the philosophy that cybersecurity is not a competitive advantage, it is a tactical necessity. | Lucky Palace Download

Neha Alawadhi @alnehaa

Palo Alto Networks, earlier in the news this year for bringing former Softbank President and top Google executive Nikesh Arora on board as its CEO, hopes to leverage his expertise to further their growth in the Indian market.

The cybersecurity company's Managing Director, India and SAARC region, Anil Bhasin, said that the company looks at cybersecurity as a prevention-led approach. This has helped it sign up over 1,300 customers in just over four years of being in the region.

Below are edited excerpts of the interview :

Q: How are you looking at the India market and what are the ways through which you are reaching out to the customers? | LPE88 Free Credit

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A: | LPE88 Free Credit India is a key market. We are looking at addressing the cybersecurity market opportunity in a way to solve, not sell.

We carry out a security life-cycle review where we assess the network and suggest solutions. This is a data-centric approach that we take.

In cybersecurity, there are only two outcomes — one is prevention, the other is remediation. We believe that prevention is the answer. Cybersecurity is not a competitive advantage, it is a tactical necessity.

In the arena of cybersecurity, there are three advantages cyber attackers have — They are launching sophisticated and automated attacks, so you can’t have a manual response. They are also very quick because they leverage software, so you can't have a hardware-oriented architecture.

They also have a very well coordinated community where they share their trade secrets around techniques openly. Customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are very disjointed and do not share with the peer industry.  We have to have a simple way of consuming innovation no matter which company it comes from

Q: So are you a consulting practice? | LPE88 Free Credit

A: | LPE88 Free Credit We solve, not sell. We carry out consultative selling. We then look at the matter from a standpoint of prevention as well as the customer's state of readiness. In the last over four years, we have acquired over 1,300 customers in India-SAARC region.

Q: Are Palo Alto Networks's clients vertical focused? | LPE88 Free Credit

A: | LPE88 Free Credit We are geographic focused, and we are market focused. Our focus areas are the government, defence, BFSI, telco, IT Services, manufacturing and even medium and small enterprises.

Security impacts everybody. In terms of geography, we have operations in India and SAARC, and we have offices in all major metros in all the countries we operate in.

Q: What are clients asking you? What are the threats they most worried about? | LPE88 Free Credit

A:  | LPE88 Free CreditThey’re most worried about the fact that they have invested, but they’re not sure of the efficacy of the solutions they have bought. They don’t feel secure despite buying everything.

That becomes a starting point for us — to find out where the gaps are.

Q: Nikesh has been at the helm only since June, but is there a difference now in how you look at India market now compared to Mark (McLaughlin- former CEO)? Will you look to use his India connect? | LPE88 Free Credit

A: | LPE88 Free Credit Our vision continues to be the same as when Mark was there —to secure digital life, making it safe for use. Our focus on the customer end continues to be as aggressive as it was.

It's too early since Nikesh joined, but from our own standpoint, and from a mindshare perspective, Palo Alto Networks is moving fast to become a leading cloud security company.

Now Palo Alto Networks is not just a network security leader but a cybersecurity leader. There is a lot of focus on disrupting the end-point market.

We are an innovation engine and with Nikesh’s coming, we will look to step up our innovation area focus, both organic and where it makes sense, inorganic.

Nikesh obviously comes from India, so he knows the market well, and vice versa. So we would love to leverage Nikesh to help grow our business in whatever shape or form we can.

Q: India has been talking of regulating cloud security now. What is your view on this process of regulation? | LPE88 Free Credit

A: | LPE88 Free Credit There are two things — one being law, the other being its perception. We need to first be clear about the law of the land. What we’re trying to change by doing education campaigns with customers is what is technologically possible versus what is the law.

We are completely compliant towards the law. If you take banking as an example, there is a lot of confusion around. It is also the perception around it that drives several behaviours.

Q: Would sectoral laws and regulations sufficient to be applicable to the cloud? | LPE88 Free Credit

A: | LPE88 Free Credit There is always going to be debate around whether sectoral regulations are enough, but we should look at how some of the other countries have looked at these.

We first need a public breach disclosure law. Once we have that, per sector, per industry, then we should look at whether sectoral laws are enough.
First Published on Nov 1, 2018 07:00 pm

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